5 Elements of Planning the Perfect Virtual Game

Feb 16, 2021

5 Elements of Planning the Perfect Virtual Game

A game is a great way to start any type of meeting or event be it virtual or in-person. In our world that is inundated with virtual gatherings, games are one way to switch it up from the norm to allow an audience to engage with one another in a fun way. 

In our experience hosting virtual games, there are five things to keep in mind as you set about planning your own.


Since most games that will be played happen at the beginning or the end of an event or meeting, the game itself is a great opportunity to remind your audience what it is you are doing. Is it for charity? Simply for fun? An opportunity to network? Your game, along with the event itself should have a clear purpose that is shared with the group before playing.  


From a logistical side, determining the number of people is an essential part of the planning process, as it helps dictate the flow of the game. If it’s only a few people participating via Zoom, a simple game involving the chat function should suffice. For a few hundred people, you might want to split the group up into teams and maybe even consider utilizing a resource that allows for more people like Crowdpurr


Having a reliable and easy to use platform is essential for making sure your game runs smoothly and your audience understands how to play. Some things your virtual event platform should include:

  • Ability for all guests to have video on
  • A chat feature for engagement
  • The ability to play music 

One way we have been able to engage further with our audiences is by playing virtual games that utilize a second device. For example, if the participant is logging onto the event with their laptop, they would use their phone for the game. Certain apps and websites (like Crowdpurr mentioned above) make this type of game easy to plan for and even easier to execute during the event. 


When it comes to producing an event that incorporates a virtual game, it’s important to consider how it will work and even to run through it a few times to make sure it goes according to plan. It’s always a good idea to have a few people on your team who are familiar with the platform helping ensure that everything runs smoothly as the game is played. For example, we use Zoom for a lot of events and meetings and have found the spotlighting feature to be particularly helpful when it comes to engaging larger groups of people. This element allows an admin user to spotlight an individual who is talking to make sure that they are prominent on screen. 


As is the case with in-person events, virtual events should be just as planned out, including the games and activities that will be played throughout. If not held to a strict timetable, games tend to keep going and can quickly monopolize a lot of the time – time that might be set aside for something else. In deciding on the right virtual game, it’s important to set clear time limits so your event can stay on track. 

Leading a group of people through a virtual game is a surefire way to bring people together. We’ve compiled an entire database of some of our favorite games in one comprehensive game library. This resource has served us well for many events and we hope you take advantage of it as well.

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