SEC Event Highlight

Dec 9, 2020

Last week we had the opportunity to partner with Growing Leaders and the Southeastern Conference in a virtual career fair for 80 student athletes. The three-day event consisted of presentations, games, and group discussions around the idea of pursuing employment opportunities after graduation.

Though the end of college is just around the corner for most of these student athletes, many of them haven’t had the time to think beyond their athletic careers until now. With COVID complicating the job search process even more, these students were given insight into the best ways to find employment in the modern job market. 

Instead of discounting the hard work and dedication poured into their extracurricular activities, the SEC encouraged them to use the skills they gained through athletics in their future careers. Several SEC alumni also helped paint the picture of what employers are looking for and the many ways a college athletic career can be discussed in any job interview.

One of the biggest highlights from this event was appearances by several big name brands who contributed their voices to the employment discussion. Among these companies were Cox Enterprises, the Atlanta Hawks, Delta, and Chick-fil-A. 

Our virtual event studio served as the backdrop and headquarters for managing the event, with our team running tech and the behind the scenes elements for the SEC team. The logistics of a virtual event this size require smooth transitions and detailed planning that we were happy to put together in order to make this event a success. 

One of the things we loved most about partnering with the SEC in this way was the chance to see the eyes of these student athletes opened to new possibilities and connections in the professional world. Whether it’s a small team or a big group of attendees, like this particular event, we love having a front row seat to the amazing change taking place through organizations like the SEC and Growing Leaders. 

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