Leveraging Wiring Workshops to impact teams and develop leaders

Feb 22, 2018


Everyone is called to be a leader. Through Elevate leadership experiences, we aim to create conversations around individuals’ strengths and help them develop the leader within. We want to partner alongside you to care for your team, develop your people, and improve your organization’s culture.


Wiring workshops are an interactive, engaging approach to improving team culture and developing leaders. Our team is passionate about helping individuals discover personal wiring so they can better understand their natural instincts, increase their productivity, and learn how to best work with others. We use something called the Kolbe A Index to accomplish this goal of impacting teams and individuals.

Kolbe Workshops

The Kolbe A Index is a tool to help you learn more about yourself, how to reduce stress, and increase productivity. Through this assessment, our team helps others learn how to bring their best to professional and personal environments. In addition to providing the assessment, our Kolbe Certified™ Consultants lead both individual interpretations as well as team workshops.
Through interactive activities and discussions, we create an environment that encourages team collaboration and self-reflection. We listen to our clients’ needs and craft custom workshops around their hopes and goals.

How See.Spark.Go used Kolbe to develop their team

This week, we had the privilege of leading See.Spark.Go’s group of 20 team members through a Kolbe Wiring Workshop. The workshop kicked off with an interactive activity with the goal of helping our guests to feel comfortable, alert, and engaged. Next, our Kolbe Certified™ Consultants provided an in-depth explanation of the assessment, allowing guests to better understand Kolbe overall, as well as their own results. We ended the workshop with a group-wide illustration to put the knowledge shared throughout the workshop into action.


The See.Spark.Go team walked away with a greater understanding of their own, personal instincts and discovered the parts of their personality that are unique to them. Now that they not only know their personal wiring but the wiring of their team members, they have concrete ways to best work together and take advantage of the variety of strengths within their organization.


Grow your team through Wiring Workshops

Would you like to develop your team and improve your work culture? Get in touch with us today to learn how we can partner alongside you through leadership experiences and wiring workshops.

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