5 Tips for Improving Team Culture This Summer

Jun 18, 2019

Summer tips for a healthy team culture as told by the kids from The Sandlot:

“There’s heroes and there’s legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die.”

Legends and relationships have a lot in common. People never forget the way you make them feel, and we want to help you make your team feel legendary this summer with some of our team culture tips!

Here’s a list of fun and easy team culture ideas for your office to try this summer, as told by the summer experts themselves: the kids from the Sandlot.

  1. Plan a fun outing to a sport’s event near you. This is a great opportunity to get outside and spend some quality time with your team.

  2. Choose a book to read this summer with your team that enriches your culture. Encourage everyone to write down three takeaways for discussion to initiate an engaging conversation.
  3. Surprise your team with summer-themed snacks. Have some popsicles or watermelon on hand for your team on those really hot days. Raise your hand if you need something to cool off this summer…
  4. Host a monthly raffle for a team member to win company swag or free lunch. Create a rule for each submission, like scheduling a one-on-one with another teammate or posting about the company on social media.
  5. Implement ‘Summer Fridays’ and encourage everyone to take 10-15 minutes out of their day to get some sunshine. Whether that looks like taking a walk, taking a call outside, or bringing your workspace into the sun, soak up some Vitamin D! Who can’t wait to get outside during the summer?

Ultimately, culture is unique to every team, but one thing remains the same: intention. If you intentionally invest in your team, you are bound to see better results. Showing team members that you truly care about their well-being will not only reflect in the work they do, but in their personal lives.


What does it look like for you to invest in your team? Drop a comment below to share. We’d love to hear!


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