We’re emcees, creatives, planners, storytellers, leaders and innovators.

We’re emcees, creatives, planners, storytellers, leaders and innovators.

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01             Elevate Team

Elevate Team

Billy Boughey

Founder & President

Billy is a highly creative and energetic producer, emcee and leadership consultant. His experience includes keynote speaking, hosting and producing events for many notable organizations. Billy’s creativity, enthusiasm and innovative event approach are known to transform environments into an experience that people will not soon forget. Billy exists to stage, implement and lead remarkable events that live on. Billy is married to Jenn and has three energetic children that you might see dancing on a stage near you!

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Sean Specie

Chief Strategy Officer

Sean is an energetic leader who focuses on serving clients and introducing new people to Elevate. A University of Central Florida graduate, Sean has 10+ years of experience in customer service, business development and leading events. He continually seeks to improve his professional skills by listening to podcasts, reading innovative leadership books, and discussing ideas with others. Sean and his wife Natalie are both originally from Florida, love to travel, and are always ready for an adventure in the great outdoors. They have a 4-year-old daughter named Gemma and recently had a baby boy named Nathaniel!

Alison Prater

Production Assistant

Alison is an impactful event producer with over 9+ years of experience planning and producing events for audiences of all sizes. Alison has a background in media and marketing and assists our marketing team with creative solutions and unique ideas.  

Sarah Cait Sawyer

Executive Assistant

Sarah Cait joined the Elevate team in September 2021 as Executive Assistant to our Founder & CEO, Billy Boughey. Sarah Cait has a background in sales and marking, and loves helping companies grow their revenue through the context of lasting, meaningful relationships. Sarah Cait also loves writing, and worked for a magazine before joining our team! Are you a to-do list person!? Sarah Cait is! She is task-oriented and loves structuring her days to be super effective by prioritizing and time blocking. Born and raised in the Southeast, Sarah Cait now lives in Colorado with her husband and two dogs. She loves hiking, mountain biking, reading…and pretty much anything outside!

Michael Campagna

Marketing Assistant

Michael is a creative marketer who loves developing content, both writing and designing, to showcase our brand. After graduating from Georgia College in the spring of 2019, Michael joined our team as an intern for the Billy Boughey brand. Following his internship he moved to Montana for a year and rejoined our team as Marketing Assistant in the fall of 2020 when he moved back to Georgia. Michael is both a beach person and a mountain person and loves spending time outside, traveling new places, and trying new things!

02             Board Members

Board Members

Eric Cho

Event Leader

Eric Cho serves as an Event Leader at Elevate. His passions include thinking and implementing ideas that make a positive impact on the next generation. Eric is extremely talented at leading clients through the Elevate process and you will not find someone more excited about your success. He is married to Jaime and they currently live in Sandy Springs with their dog named Iris.

Ben Ambuehl

Operations Lead

Ben is an operations specialist with expertise in team building and strategic planning. Originally from Illinois, his wife Christi and their four children now are converted Atlantans. Ben possesses a unique combination of an operational mind and a relational heart that helps execute events at a high level. He enjoys working behind the scenes to ensure each event is executed flawlessly.

David Hoyt


David is a guide, strategist, coach, experience designer, communicator, leader and community initiator. He’s had the privilege of riding shotgun with John Maxwell for 19 years serving as an inner circle member and most recently served as President of The John Maxwell Company. He lives outside of Atlanta with his wife Lori of 20+ years and his two teenage children. Besides his passion to help people be bigger on the inside than they are on the outside, he loves creating experiences and memories with family and friends as well as sneaking up to the mountains for “soul care”, rest and solitude.

Andy Bullard


Andy is a unique leader and communicator who thrives on building relationships, connecting people, and engaging in meaningful opportunities. He spends much of his time executing growth strategies, recruiting and building sales teams, forming partnerships with schools and organizations nationwide, and creating environments for leaders to develop. Andy lives just outside of Atlanta and is passionate about his faith, his wife Sarah, his four children, traveling, music, and sports.

David Ytterberg

Brand/Marketing Consultant

In the last decade, David has served a wide variety of business and non-profit roles ranging from Director of Development to Brand Strategist. Graduating from Auburn University with a focus in Entrepreneurship, he has co-founded startups, worked in the creative industry and worked as a managerial consultant. David, his wife, and two boys live in Birmingham, AL.

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