We’re emcees, creatives, planners, storytellers, leaders and innovators.

We’re emcees, creatives, planners, storytellers, leaders and innovators.

01             Elevate Team

Elevate Team

Billy Boughey

Founder & President

Billy is a highly creative and energetic producer, emcee and leadership consultant. His experience includes keynote speaking, hosting and producing events for many notable organizations. Billy’s creativity, enthusiasm and innovative event approach are known to transform environments into an experience that people will not soon forget. Billy exists to stage, implement and lead remarkable events that live on. Billy is married to Jenn and has three energetic children that you might see dancing on a stage near you!

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Katie Bersinger

Chief of Staff

Katie has a passion for teaching and leading others. As a Jacksonville-native, her elementary education background taught her how to instruct creatively, while instilling passion in those she is around. She has a Master’s in Educational Leadership from the University of North Florida and loves to create innovative content for adults and students.

Sean Specie

Director of Growth

Sean is an energetic leader who focuses on serving clients and introducing new people to Elevate. A University of Central Florida graduate, Sean has five years of experience in customer service, business development and leading events. He continually seeks to improve his professional skills by listening to podcasts, reading innovative leadership books, and discussing ideas with others. Sean and his wife Natalie are both originally from Florida, love to travel, and are always ready for an adventure in the great outdoors. They recently had a baby girl and love taking her on adventures as well!

Kendal Patterson

Media Coordinator

Kendal is originally from Alpharetta and currently lives in Decatur (where it’s greater). She is a graduate from Georgia College, where she majored in Mass Communication and minored in Digital Media. Kendal has a passion for storytelling through videography, editing, and other creative means, as well as inspiring others with her favorite phrase, “You Are Loved”. Kendal finds joy in going on hiking adventures with her husband Russ, being apart of their Decatur City Church community, and casually rapping in the car.

Danielle Coke

Marketing Coordinator

Danielle is a recent graduate of Georgia State University, where she studied Hospitality and Business Administration. She loves all things creative, from party planning and music to graphic design and painting. Danielle highly values others, and her passion for authentic community has led her to serve in a few nonprofits, as well as her local church. When she’s not tapping away on a computer, you can find her laughing, eating brownies, or blasting “WOW Hits” CDs from the 2000s.

Julia Mata-Stern

Business Development Coordinator

As a Houston native, Julia loves to develop connections with people and hear their stories. With a passion for customer service, she enjoys long-term research and serving the Elevate team. Julia loves being outdoors, attending concerts and painting, especially when she can enjoy them with friends. She’s also a proud podcast junkie and could help you find your next favorite show!

Nigel Wallace

Experience Coordinator

Nigel loves to see people win. He believes in serving others through the avenues of education and creativity. Writing, reading, and learning are among his greatest passions. Nigel is a poet, minister, and closet nerd for all things neuroanatomy. He loves to travel, create culture, and is invested in all matters related to art. He is most passionate about helping individuals identify, chase down, and achieve their greatest potential.

Jordan Sasser

Brand Coordinator

Jordan is a high-energy lover of life & people. A Raleigh native, he has spent years onstage hoping to inspire & include others at all costs. Jordan & his wife Alex made Atlanta their home in 2011. He’s been privileged to sing the National Anthem for the Atlanta Hawks, Braves & NASCAR. He also had the honor of making the Top 24 on American Idol. Jordan longs for people to feel extravagantly celebrated & fully accepted through phenomenal, engaging experiences. Jordan is a dad to a little girl and a baby boy. Also, he loves donuts. A lot.

Ricky Spaulding

Growth Coordinator

Ricky is a passionate entrepreneur who loves developing new and creative ideas. He has over ten years of experience in teaching and developing leaders. He is a recent graduate with a Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Liberty University and loves to create opportunities for growth within businesses. Ricky often seeks personal development through podcasts, leadership books, and relationships. Ricky, his wife Nicole, and his son love to travel and enjoy a really good meal.

Grace Galster

Logistics Coordinator

Grace has a passion for helping others. She believes everyone deserves to feel cared for and encouraged and hopes to spread that wherever she is. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia where she majored in Psychology and minored in Consumer Economics. Her passion for serving has brought her to many amazing organizations like the UGA Wesley Foundation and Lighthouse Family Retreat. Passion City Church is where she likes to call home, where she spends most of her time playing with 4-year-olds in the Bloom department. She thrives off of Oreos, Harry Potter, and Jimmy Fallon videos and can be seen lighting up a room with her warm smiles or extreme clumsiness.

Abbie Ussery

Brand Growth Assistant

Abbie is a recent graduate of Georgia College & State University, where she studied Mass Communication. She is passionate about working with middle school girls and creating a sense of community for them and finding joy in every moment she can. She loves spending time with her family, friends, and husband drinking coffee and having new adventures.

Erin Caplan

Creative Design Assistant

Erin is a recent graduate of the University of Georgia, where she studied Public Relations and Leadership in Student Affairs. She is from the small town of Bainbridge, Georgia, and now enjoys exploring Atlanta. Erin is passionate about investing in others with authentic joy. With her mantra being “Radiate Joy,” she has always known she wanted to do two things with her career: work directly with people, and make an impact. Erin loves any opportunity to travel, meet new people, or collaborate on ideas.

02             Board Members

Board Members

Eric Cho

Event Leader

Eric Cho serves as an Event Leader at Elevate. His passions include thinking and implementing ideas that make a positive impact on the next generation. Eric is extremely talented at leading clients through the Elevate process and you will not find someone more excited about your success. He is married to Jaime and they currently live in Sandy Springs with their dog named Iris.

Ben Ambuehl

Operations Lead

Ben is an operations specialist with expertise in team building and strategic planning. Originally from Illinois, his wife Christi and their four children now are converted Atlantans. Ben possesses a unique combination of an operational mind and a relational heart that helps execute events at a high level. He enjoys working behind the scenes to ensure each event is executed flawlessly.

David Hoyt


David is a guide, strategist, coach, experience designer, communicator, leader and community initiator. He’s had the privilege of riding shotgun with John Maxwell for 19 years serving as an inner circle member and most recently served as President of The John Maxwell Company. He lives outside of Atlanta with his wife Lori of 20+ years and his two teenage children. Besides his passion to help people be bigger on the inside than they are on the outside, he loves creating experiences and memories with family and friends as well as sneaking up to the mountains for “soul care”, rest and solitude.

Andy Bullard


Andy is a unique leader and communicator who thrives on building relationships, connecting people, and engaging in meaningful opportunities. He spends much of his time executing growth strategies, recruiting and building sales teams, forming partnerships with schools and organizations nationwide, and creating environments for leaders to develop. Andy lives just outside of Atlanta and is passionate about his faith, his wife Sarah, his four children, traveling, music, and sports.

David Ytterberg

Brand/Marketing Consultant

In the last decade, David has served a wide variety of business and non-profit roles ranging from Director of Development to Brand Strategist. Graduating from Auburn University with a focus in Entrepreneurship, he has co-founded startups, worked in the creative industry and worked as a managerial consultant. David, his wife, and two boys live in Birmingham, AL.

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