Why Everyday Workplace Culture Matters

Oct 2, 2019

What is culture? Why is it important? No matter where you go or what types of organizations you’re involved in, culture is always a factor. It affects your attitude walking into work in the morning and leaving in the afternoon. It is a driving force in the correlation between your happiness and the quality of your work. A person’s personal development is often dependent on work culture. One struggle for upper level leadership is often how they create a healthy culture within their organization. Here are some tips on how to nurture a positive team culture:


Create an Environment of Openness


Workplaces are often encouraged to be a place where you leave your personality and problems at home before you walk in the door. But why should it be like that? You’re spending most of your time at your job, and your happiness outside the workplace is reflective of that. Creating an environment of openness is a good way to let team members know they’re heard. Maybe they’re not the type of person that likes sharing, and that’s okay. Simply knowing that the door is open can mean all the difference in the world. 


Be a Cheerleader 


Whether you’re upper level leadership or an intern, being a source of encouragement to your team members creates a healthy culture of professional invigoration. When you’re able to cheer others on, you’re able to cheer yourself on. It’s an important cycle that shouldn’t be ignored just because you’re in the workplace. Being the type of person that celebrates other people’s successes makes you and your organization one of the types of cultures that stands out. 


Get to Know Your Team Members 


Have you ever gotten a cup of coffee with someone you work with just because you wanted to get to know them? It’s more beneficial than you might think. Getting to know the people you work with is rewarding for everyone. Showing genuine interest in someone’s skillset or simply asking them how they are contributes to a healthy, real, and uplifting environment. If you’re a leader within your company, it’s one thing to say you care about your people, it’s another to actually, authentically care about them.


Meet With Your Team on a Regular Basis


Another great way to cultivate a healthy culture within your organization is to meet with your team frequently. It can be highly beneficial to gather your team together on a regular basis to share updates, wins, and new ideas to keep people on their toes and encourage them to do their best work. Meeting with your team also provides a sense of accountability. Keeping your team looped in on tasks and deadlines enforces accountability and can help be that little push you need to keep your priorities in line.


No matter the industry or type of workplace, nurturing a positive culture should be a priority. Having a healthy culture can mean the difference between poor, uninspired work and excellent, influential work. Regardless of your title, encouraging healthy culture is a best practice that benefits all. 

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