Why We Chose the Color Blue

Jul 24, 2019

Endless Possibilities

Have you ever been cage diving in the deep sea? If not, let me paint a picture for you. If you have been, hopefully this imagery reigns true.

You board the boat, somewhat excited, but mostly nervous for what’s to come. Diving with sharks is no joke. They are wild animals, with habits and instincts that can’t always be predicted. 

As your journey out to the deep sea begins, you notice several things. You notice the warm, salty sea air whipping your hair, your face. You notice the bobbing of the boat, and your body begins to naturally sync up with its movement. Your mind starts to clear as you notice the wide expanse of the deep blue sea and the great unknown.

The boat stops, your experience leader prepares the cage, chums the water, and then proceeds to lower you in. The first thing you notice in the water is the vast, deep blue of the ocean and the quiet calm that engulfs you.

As the chum in the water sinks lower beneath you it leaves streaks of red, like soft paint strokes. Sharks then begin to approach, and you’re filled with mixed emotions of terror and amazement. Although you know innately that you’re safe within the walls of the cage, the power stance presented by the ocean’s most intimidating predator easily increases your heart rate.

The cage diving experience presents a similar scenario in the business world, and some of the parallels drawn here also describe why we chose the color blue for Elevate’s brand.

1. Blue skies and blue oceans

In psychology, the color blue represents a sense of calm, which is exactly what we want to present our clients with in the event world. We want our clients to be engulfed in a sense of calm as soon as they see our blue logo, just as the blue ocean quiets the mind and settles all around you in a deep sea diving experience.

If you’ve ever planned an event, you have probably experienced the unsettling stress that comes along with it. We want calm to be contagious because we want to do things differently at Elevate. 

2. Going into the unknown

Blue skies and blue oceans are two of the most expansive views on Earth. The business world is one of endless possibilities, constantly brimming with new ideas, innovations, and problems to solve. Starting a business can be a lot like driving your boat into the deep blue waters of the ocean, underneath the vast blue sky. 

In this sense, our Elevate blue represents the amount of endless possibilities for our business. We are constantly looking for new ways to enhance leadership, culture, and events through innovation, such as Virtual Reality

3. Eye to eye with great white sharks

Just like seeing a shark up close and personal, seeing our greatest inspirations within the business world can be breathtaking, but also intimidating. We can learn a lot from these experiences, like how to interact with sharks. 

This also applies to some of our big ideas. Have you ever been so proud of an idea or dream you had, but so intimidated by the preparation and logistics to make it happen? That’s where we step in. 

At Elevate, our team consists of dreamers and doers, and we want to help you make your event dreams come to life. If this sounds like you, let’s get the conversation started.

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