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Elevate + addo worldwide

Individual knowledge of instinctive strengths unite diverse teams

Individual knowledge of instinctive strengths unite diverse teams

ADDO Worldwide is a leadership consultancy that “builds leadership programs, products, and experiences that inspire and equip individuals, teams, and organizations to lead well in society.”

Through their wide range of clients, ADDO has the opportunity to impact industries that people interact with daily: from health to fashion to education, and many more.

Maximizing strengths and understanding natural instincts

Maximizing strengths and understanding natural instincts

As an organization that deeply cares about healthy leadership and team culture, they chose to invest in their own team and leadership, and invited Elevate into this process. As part of our leadership offerings, we offer a variety of custom workshops and personality assessment interpretations. These tools and experiences help teams and individuals better understand their natural instincts so they can:


  • Learn the most effective ways to problem solve
  • Collaborate with other team members
  • Utilize their strengths for greatest impact
  • Prevent and resolve conflict within their teams
  • Experience healthier communication
  • Benefit from a more efficient and productive work environment

Why Elevate?

Why Elevate?

The Elevate Team consists of certified Kolbe interpreters: trained experts in the Kolbe Assessment. Our trained consultants specialize in interpreting results and teaching how to use this tool both personally and professionally. When partnering with Elevate for a Kolbe A Index Interpretation or Team Workshop, our clients receive coaching from a certified interpreter. Our team specializes in explaining this assessment in common language so every person in the room can understand their own results, as well as the strengths and instincts of others.

Why use Kolbe? Rather than focusing on personality traits, Kolbe A Index helps us understand individual conations, or instincts, and how people go about doing things individually or as part of a team.  

Sharing the freedom of understanding self and others

We were able to serve ADDO’s team and enhance their culture by unleashing the potential of people who work in their strengths. This allowed Elevate to showcase some of our goals with every experience. For clients, we seek to create experiences that:

  • Bring joy into every moment of work
  • Invest in positive company culture
  • Deliver value beyond a single day
  • Unlock individual insights for personal and professional growth

For the ADDO team consultation, our offerings included:

  • Individual Kolbe Assessments, so team members could take the Kolbe at their convenience
  • Consulting with ADDO leadership team prior to the team consultation
  • Background, history, and overview of Kolbe origins and theory
  • Explanation of each person’s Kolbe results
  • Coaching tips on how to maximize strengths and instincts in the workplace
  • Coaching tips on how to better collaborate as a team
  • Question and answer session


Let’s create a remarkable experience!

Let’s create a remarkable experience!

Elevate and ADDO frequently work on projects together including corporate leadership development. Investing in a company’s team, however, is a unique honor. We greatly enjoyed creating an experience for ADDO team members to enjoy as they gained valuable insights on their conation and that of their fellow team members.


Unlike many Elevate experiences, Kolbe consultations require preparation from guests as well as our team.

Before the consultation, ADDO’s team:

  • Sent Elevate the contact information of those in their office
  • Took 25 minutes to complete the Type A Index


When Kolbe results became available, Elevate’s preparation began.

Preparation for a Kolbe consultation includes:

  • Reviewing and analyzing individual results
  • Comparing Indexes to explore group dynamics
  • Ideating activations to showcase the instincts of team members

Consultation day is an opportunity to showcase the beautiful nature of our similarities and differences.

For the ADDO team, this included:

  • An overview of Kolbe Type A
  • Explanation of Kathy Kolbe’s theory of conation
  • Predicting behavior based on people’s strengths in an activation called “Glop Shop”
  • Walking through the 12 strengths of Kolbe
  • Supplemental videos to showcase aspects of Kolbe
  • Demonstrations of the impact of working against the grain
  • Q&A opportunities throughout

Our team carried the energy and culture of the day by:

  • Providing an environment that fosters learning and connection
  • Managing guest experience walking through information that is potentially challenging
  • Creating opportunity for asking questions and gaining clarity

The Kolbe Consultation made a lasting impact!

The Kolbe Consultation made a lasting impact!

The half-day consultation successfully influenced ADDO’s team culture. Each employee benefited from personal growth and understanding of natural instincts. This consultation consisted of:

  • ADDO’s 12 team members
  • Reminders of what the team learned in a desk card known as a Mind Menu and printed Index results
  • Team time to evaluate results with those who work closest together

 In only 3 hours, a consultation regarding natural strengths and tendencies catalyzed light-bulb realizations throughout the ADDO team. For the Elevate team, greater understanding for self and team continues to improve communication, work environment, and relationship-management. Providing the same opportunity for an organization that we are such big fans of is a privilege and honor.


“We are all different, but even though we are ‘opposites’ in some areas, that means we can complement each other really well when we give each other the freedom to thrive in our strengths.” – Patrick McConn, ADDO Worldwide

Are you ready to improve your team dynamics and grow your leadership? Get in touch to learn how we can help you with your organizational culture or leadership development!

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See Who We’ve Served

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