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01            Elevate + arrow exterminators

Elevate + arrow exterminators

Uniting teams through large-scale conferences

Uniting teams through large-scale conferences

Arrow Exterminators is an “exterminator that has been protecting customers’ families and homes for over 50 years.” Arrow Exterminators is based out of Atlanta and have expanded their reach to different states around the country. They are focused on the growth of their team members and helping people with their homes.

Arrow Exterminators has a yearly conference in August for 2 days, where they bring their key leaders from all over the country to kick off their new fiscal year. Day 1 is business-oriented and professional, while day 2 involves a mixture of learning and fun. Elevate was invited for day 2 of the conference to help begin their fiscal year with fun, learning, and meaningful connections.

02            About the project

About the project

Why Elevate?

Why Elevate?

Elevate has had the opportunity to partner with Arrow Exterminators for the past 5 years to host their annual leadership development kickoff. Managers across all locations attend the event, and are provided with uplifting and applicable content to implement within their businesses.

Relationships have impacted the project deeply through the level of trust we are now receiving from the client in year 5. Arrow Exterminators allows us to speak greatly into the flow and content of each part of the day. This allows the client to be free of any task, so they can focus on their personal experience and learning at the event.

The day was packed with keynote speakers who dove into topics on personal development for team members. Elevate was able to provide transitions and engagement between content delivery, which allowed the managers and owners in the room to move around and have a fun time. Each year the energy level of engagement increases because people automatically know what to expect when they see Elevate on the Mic. Arrow Exterminators has a fantastic culture and we are grateful to help procure it along the way.

Arrow Exterminators chose Elevate to solve a few problems they have had in previous years. Some of these problems were the production and flow of the day. Throughout the day, we were able to facilitate smooth transitions and maintain high energy in the room. By solving the problem of finding the right partners to run the production and produce the keynote speaking, we were able to relieve the client’s stress from trying to find the right people to influence the culture of Arrow Exterminators. Because of Elevate’s large network of people to help in all aspects of an event or conference, there’s a good chance we know someone who can partner with us if we can’t produce the event ourselves.

    A Closer Look at Elevate’s Role

    A Closer Look at Elevate’s Role

    Our Team consisted of:

        • 1 Project Leader/Sound Technician: led pre-event calls and meetings, helped plan and coordinate event details, planned a custom playlist that aligned with the client’s vision, and deejayed the event
        • 1 Event Host: created high energy and intentional connection through moments of engagement, interactive activities, and crowd participation.
        • 1 Event Assistant/Media Lead: worked with the Project Leader to assist where needed throughout the event, care for team members and client, documented moments of engagement, and conducted testimony videos post-event

    Prior to the event, the Elevate Project Leader worked alongside Arrow Exterminators to:

        • Create a smooth event-day schedule to ensure all timing is properly spaced and the run of show is well executed 
        • Plan logistics for all moments of engagement
        • Create custom crowd engagement activations for a diverse group, such as:
          • Name That Tune
          • Think Fast
          • Guess Who
          • Insane Simon Says 

    The Elevate Team also provided event-day logistics such as:

        • Provided printed run of show for event host, speakers, and AV team
        • Followed run of show to make sure the day stayed on schedule
        • Welcomed guests with smiles and high fives 
        • Delegated mic runners for Q&A sessions to ensure audience members could be heard
        • Providing high energy hosting to make sure guests are engaged and enjoying the event
        • Running audio during moments of engagement and transitions
        • Found creative ways to make moments of engagement personal to Arrow attendees

    Creating a sense of renewed focus, passion, and inspiration

    Creating a sense of renewed focus, passion, and inspiration

    The wins for the event included:


    • 200+ attendees from all over the country
      • Which means 200+ people encouraged to start their year with focus and practical tips to lead their team
    • Number of activations: 4
    • Keynote speakers for 2019, Mark Miller and Randy Gravitt
      • Mark and Randy wanted real-time feedback from us on audience participation, and we were able to coach them on how to engage the crowd during discussion time.
    • Exciting moments: CEO was one of the answers on the guess who activation and lots of fun answers were thrown around, was surprised when it turned out to be her
    • Client feedback: “There is no way on Earth that we would do this event without Elevate. You and your team do a great job of gauging the audience and keeping them energized throughout events.” – Emily Thomas Kendrick, CEO of Arrow Exterminators


    Arrow Exterminators hoped to produce a custom experience with the goal of leaving employees feeling energized, refreshed, and encouraged. They needed someone to come alongside to produce the high energy and moments of engagement of the event. Arrow Exterminators felt confident in partnering with our team to meet these goals and ensure a fun, well produced experience.

    Is your team having a day of learning or a large conference? We would love to partner with you to create an intentional day of growth and development! 




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