The Coach Forum 2020

The Coach Forum 2020


01            Elevate + Nashville Coaching Coalition

Elevate + Nashville Coaching Coalition

Coaches positively influencing the lives of their players and communities

Coaches positively influencing the lives of their players and communities

Elevate and NCC have partnered for several years to produce The Coach Forum. The Coach Forum exists to encourage and equip coaches around Nashville and beyond, to help them grow in coaching abilities and influences. Typically, this conference is a one-day event, however, this year, due to COVID-19, NCC decided to move The Coach Forum to a 3-part virtual speaker series. 

The Coach Forum Virtual Speaker Series

The Coach Forum Virtual Speaker Series

The first of the three-part virtual speaker series happened on June 4, 2020. This was the first time we partnered virtually with NCC, and the first time they had put on a virtual event as well. The Coach Forum is an annual event for coaches of high school and college players, existing to help coaches grow in their influence and coaching as a whole.

Why Elevate?

Why Elevate?

Elevate’s role:

  • Why the client picked us:
    • NCC needed the capability to make this event virtual and interactive along the way. 
    • They wanted this event to run smoothly, be engaging, and encouraging for the coaches who were attending. 
    • With a history of putting on great live events, they trusted us to be their technology partner for this virtual event. 
  • An overview of what we brought to the event:
    • We were able to host the night and kick-off the event by engaging attendees with a fun game, making intentional and personal connections with coaches, and bringing fun to this virtual event.
      • Helping make it more than a Zoom call, but less than a full-on conference. 
    • We helped this virtual event run smoothly, helped bring on Scott Hearon, the founder of NCC, and the guest speakers, Tim and Maggie Corbin. 
    • Helped resolve any technical issues, and worked alongside NCC to help their vision for this night come to life.

Let’s create a remarkable experience!

Let’s create a remarkable experience!

A closer look at Elevate’s role 

  • Team members:
    • 1 event host: Welcoming and opening the night, helping bring on speakers smoothly, balancing adding fun while also bringing intentionality and depth to the conversation for the night.  
    • 1 project leader: Coordinated with event organizers before the event to plan details, conducted pre-event meetings and phone calls, coordinated two pre-event run-throughs to test the technology, assisted at the event by hosting and assuring everything ran smoothly
    • 1 producer: Running tech for the night, inviting and bringing on speakers to the technology platform, and resolving technical issues. 


  • Pre-event tasks:
    • Created a run-of-show for the night 
    • Put together slide  for the night, including logos 
    • Coordinated pre-event and post-event emails, registration notifications, and post-event follow-ups
    • Tested the online platform with each speaker and host


  • Event-day logistics:
    • Executed a dress rehearsal an hour before the event to test everyone’s microphone, wifi connection, and to walk through the event ROS one final time 
      • Followed the run-of-show to make sure the event stayed on-time and according to schedule


  • What we did throughout the event:
    • Hosted and welcomed the attendees
    • Led a game with the attendees to get everyone warmed up
    • Facilitated the Streamyard platform, coordinated bringing speakers on and taking them off the platform

Cue the Confetti!

Cue the Confetti!

Event wins and stats, including:

  • Number of attendees: 250 attendees
  • 426 chat responses – 4.347 chats/min!
  • 1.704 chats sent per attendee
  • 74% engaged attendees
  • 98 min. total for the event. 
  • 4 emojis used
  • Number of activations: 2

Event impact:

  • Coaches were able to engage in conversation and ask Tim and Maggie specific questions about coaching, family, times of struggle, and more. 

Exciting moments:

  • 2,986 comments on chat throughout the event!
  • Ricky led the participants in a game of “This or That” to create engagement in the chat. 
    • Incredible conversation between Scott Hearon and Tim and Maggie Corbin. 

Client feedback:

“Elevate shares our ideals and values. They help us engage our audience more creatively and effectively. They feel like an extension of our staff!” – Scott Hearon

03             See Who We’ve Served

See Who We’ve Served

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