Elevate Summit 2020

Elevate Summit 2020


01            Elevate + InEvent


Elevate + InEvent

A Conversation About the New World of Work

Taking second mile service to a new level

The purpose of the Elevate Summit was to answer the question – How do I rebuild my business in this new post-pandemic world? This event was for anyone looking to grow (or rebuild) one of three things:

  • Work (business model, marketing, sales): What do I need to shift in my business model? What steps can I take to maximize my marketing efforts? 
  • Team culture (employee care, team leadership, HR): How can I lead my team remotely and through seasons of change? 
  • Brand (messaging, design, purpose): What unique problem do I solve in the marketplace and how can I figure out my voice?

We partnered with InEvent for the Elevate Summit. InEvent is a Y Combinator venture-backed company providing an event, marketing and sales platform for Forbes 2000 Global companies, including Amazon, Coca-Cola, KPMG, Santander, Unilever, Boeing, Embraer and Citibank.

02            About the project

About the project

About the project

About the project

As a company, we wanted to cultivate a refreshing conversation as we enter the new world of work. This two-day event brought together a diverse group of leaders and experts to touch on various new aspects of the world of work. This was our first Elevate branded event, and we are grateful and honored by everyone who played a part in hosting, producing, and attending the event!

Let’s create a remarkable experience!

Let’s create a remarkable experience!

A closer look at Elevate’s role

Our Team consisted of:

      • 1 Project Leader/Event Host: Billy hosted the event on the Mic, facilitated Q&A’s with speakers, and transitioned between speakers throughout the summit. 
      • 2 A/V Technicians: Sean and Ricky actively transitioned audio and visual and did real-time troubleshooting with the technology used during the event.
      • 1 Deejay: mixed custom tracks and a playlist used for transitions and moments of engagement.
      • 1 Help Desk Assistant: Answered questions and helped troubleshoot any technical problems throughout the event.
      • 1 Speaker Handler: Main speaker contact leading up to the event and during the event. They gathered all details and assisted speakers day-of.
      • 2 Remote Social Media Leads: Created content in real-time and engaged with audience members via social media (Instagram and Twitter).
      • 3 Remote Event Assistants: watched the Summit online, took notes, gave real-time audio/visual feedback to help troubleshoot technological issues and helped collect content for social media.



Pre-event tasks:

  • Contacted speakers and asked them to be a part of the Summit
  • Promoted the Summit through social media, email, and word of mouth
  • Created media kits for speakers’ to share and promote the Elevate Summit on their social media
  • Set up and tested the virtual help desk
  • Tested the InEvent platform and ran through technical scenarios
  • Decided on purpose, audience, event name, time, and date
  • Created promotional strategy for social media and email campaigns in the weeks leading up to and through event day
  • Created the agenda and timing outline
  • Created all graphics for keynotes, social media, and speakers
  • Handled all speaker coordination (confirming availability, pre-planning calls, confirming topic/format, sending tech instructions for how to join the platform, sending gifts after, etc.)
  • Attendee communication (emails with people who purchase leading up to event)
  • Tested virtual event platform, worked through bugs, had planning calls with event platform
  • Created games/activities (thought through slides, prizes, how to lead games virtually)
  • Coordinated roles, food/snacks for team
  • Music planning (made DJ setup, planned songs for opening/closing and transitions)
  • All tech setup (testing cameras, setting up lights, creating multiple camera angles, etc.)

Cue the confetti!

Cue the confetti!

Event wins and stats, including:

  • How many hours of content? 8 hours of content
  • How many attendees? 211 attendees
  • How many sessions? 4 sessions – 2 sessions on June 4th and 2 sessions on June 5th.
  • How many days? The Elevate Summit was hosted over the course of 2 days— June 4-5, 2020.
  • How many speakers? There were 13 speakers at the Elevate Summit.

03             See Who We’ve Served

See Who We’ve Served

Impacting Students

Launching a Leadership Culture

Teaching with VR

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