Gravy Biannual Summit

Gravy Biannual Summit


01            Elevate + GRAVY

Elevate + GRAVY

Helping business owners succeed

Helping business owners succeed

Based in Atlanta, Gravy Solutions is “powered by a team a people who are passionate about helping business owners succeed and dedicated to solving the biggest inefficiencies in their business.”

About the Project

About the Project

This was a three-day biannual summit for the Gravy staff. The purpose of this time was to celebrate, connect, learn, and hear the vision for where Gravy is going. They decided to have an in-person event but conducted it in a safe way. They provided COVID wristbands for people to indicate their level of comfort being around other people. They also gave the option to join virtually, so we had several team members participate on Zoom. Throughout the summit, we had awards and celebrations, several content sessions, activities, games, and chances to interact with each other. This staff is fully remote during the year, so their two summits a year are the only times they see each other in person.

Why Elevate?

Why Elevate?

Gravy hoped to produce a custom experience with the goal of leaving staff feeling celebrated and connectedThey typically run the event themselves but that leaves their team in execution mode, not participation mode. This year, they decided to invest money by bringing Elevate in so they could enjoy their own staff summit. 

  • An overview of what we brought to the event – Emcee, production (we provided lights, speakers, all audio/visual, confidence monitor, tv screens, etc.), logistics management

Let’s Create a Remarkable Experience!

Let’s Create a Remarkable Experience!

closer look at Elevate’s role

Our Team consisted of:

    • 1 Project Leader/Logistics Lead: led pre-event calls and meetings and helped plan and coordinate event details.
    • 1 Emcee: Created high energy and engagement throughout the event. 
    • 1 Deejay: worked with the Project Leader to plan a custom playlist that aligned with the client’s vision and deejayed the event.
    • 1 A/V Technician: worked with the Project Leader to run all visuals (screens, slides) throughout the event

Prior to the event, the Elevate Project Leader worked alongside Gravy to:

  • Gather and reformat all slides into a master keynote for each day
  • Pre-ordered and coordinated a delivery treat for a speaker
  • Created an agenda
  • Had run-throughs to test all audio/visual elements
  • Visited the event site

The Elevate Team also provided event-day logistics such as:

  • Table/room set up
  • A/V setup
  • Tested all microphones
  • Stage setup
  • Tested all visuals (main screens and confidence monitors)
  • Prepped all speakers (communicated timing, mic/prop needs)
  • Coordinated details and changes with the venue

Cue the Confetti!

Cue the Confetti!

Event wins and stats, including:

  • Number of attendees: 50 
  • Number of activations: 3 (table chats, think fast, ready set leggo)  
  • Event impact – Gravy staff felt connected and motivated and inspired.
  • Exciting moments – the dance party!

Client feedback:

“The Elevate team’s performance was perfect. No detail was missed. I love how you guys brought your ideas and expanded our ideas. You took our vision and made it way better than I thought.” – Erin Johnson

03             See Who We’ve Served

See Who We’ve Served

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