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Preferred Apartment Communities


01            Elevate + Preferred Apartment Communities

Elevate + Preferred Apartment Communities

PAC Virtual Hangouts 2020

PAC Virtual Hangouts 2020

Preferred Apartment Communities, Inc. (PAC) is a real estate investment agency that owns and operates high-quality multifamily properties, such as grocery-anchored shopping centers, office buildings, and student housing properties. The company strives to generate stable returns for shareholders by investing in income-producing properties and acquiring or originating real estate loans for multifamily properties.

How to hangout 101

How to hangout 101

PAC Virtual Hangouts hosted by Elevate was a nine week long, unique online gathering for PAC employees to create connection, engagement, and fun throughout the COVID-19 quarantine. To further grow the culture of the company, each week company executives would discuss announcements and future plans with employees. Birthdays were celebrated, fun videos were shared, and games were played. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, PAC dedicated time to growing and progressing their company through innovation with Elevate’s hosting and tech assistance.

Why Elevate?

Why Elevate?

Elevate and PAC have previously partnered together to create many successful events. PAC saw a need for their employees to have continued engagement and connection, despite the challenging times, and thus decided to honor their employees with a weekly time of fun, engagement, and connection. Elevate allowed PAC to enjoy time as a company with ease due to Elevate’s expertise and experience with live and virtual events.

02            About the project

About the project

Let’s create a remarkable experience!

Let’s create a remarkable experience!

A closer look at Elevate’s role 

  • Team members:
    • 1 Event Host/Emcee: Billy Boughey
    • 1 A/V Technician: Sean Specie
    • 1 DJ: Byron Wrenn


  • Pre-event tasks: 
    • In preparation for this virtual event, we connected with the client (3-4) days prior to the event to talk through the content, logistics, and timeline. After the conversation, we created a run of show and keynote slides for the event. The day before the event, we had another phone call to nail down potential changes and talk through the timing of the day. 


  • Event-day logistics: 
    • Logged into the event platform an hour before the event started to have one final walk-through.
    • Prepped and prepared speakers with login info and camera/mic usage. 
    • Run the “back end” of the virtual platform.
    • The host prepped with costumes and props.
    • Ensured DJ was prepared and ready to go for the pre-show. 
    • Ensured the cameras were functioning and active. 
    • Checked sound and image quality 25 mins before going live.


  • What we did throughout the event:
    • We spent time throughout the event running all tech equipment (sound, digital platform, etc), hosting the event with FUN music, interactive games, and chat engagement, sharing our personal content, as well as the client’s content, and engaging the employees.

Cue the confetti!

Cue the confetti!

Event wins and stats, including:

  • Number of attendees: 150-200 attendees weekly
  • Number of emojis shared: 425 on average throughout all nine hangouts
    Number of chats sent: 1,209 messages throughout all nine hangouts 
  • Event impact: Elevate helped create an engaging space to virtually gather together PAC employees to discuss announcements, celebrate wins, and have fun
  • Exciting moments: The PAC Virtual Hangouts were full of birthday celebrations, confetti, company wins, engaging games, dance-offs, and amazon gift cards. 
  • Client feedback: “Elevate has been an amazing platform for us…Our partnership with Elevate was a win-win for all groups because they gave us ideas, structure, and framework. [The Elevate Team] has been invaluable to us.” – Paul Cullen


Preferred Apartment Communities, Inc. is passionate and proud of the work that they do. We were honored to partner with PAC and serve their leaders by creating an open and connecting space for their employees. We look forward to partnering with them in the future!

03             See Who We’ve Served

See Who We’ve Served

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