[Virtual] Pound the Pavement for Peter 5k 

[Virtual] Pound the Pavement for Peter 5k


01            Elevate + RADCO

Elevate + RADCO

Family 5k fun run for children with disabilities

Family 5k fun run for children with disabilities

We’ve worked with Anne Park Hopkins at Pound the Pavement for many years. “Pound the Pavement for Peter is a Family 5K Fun Run that was started in 2009 in honor of Peter Hopkins, who, suffering from a Peroxisomal Disorder (PBD), lived his life with many disabilities, and eventually lost his life at age 3. This event is held to raise awareness and funds to help families and children with disabilities and debilitating diseases.” We usually do this yearly in-person, but this was the first year we hosted the event virtually.

About the Project

About the Project

Elevate’s role:

  • Why the client picked us (the need): They see us as the face of their event because year after year we lead with excitement and authenticity. We try to understand and communicate the purpose of the event well. We always create a fun experience, nail the details (timing, announcements, etc.), and adapt to changes well. 

An overview of what we brought to the event: We brought fun, social media engagement, and helped raise money/donations

Let’s create a remarkable experience!

Let’s create a remarkable experience!

A closer look at Elevate’s role 

Our team consisted of:

  • 1 Event Host: Smoothly transitioned through each element of the run-of-show, engaged attendees by going live on social media, and encouraged high energy participation.
  • Pre-event tasks: Planning calls, planned timing for the weekend, write/plan out scripting, setup virtual studio 
  • Event-day logistics
    • Day 1 – 10 am: Billy hosted opening ceremonies on Instagram/Facebook live to welcome participants and provide excitement
    • Day 1 – 10:30 am: Pastor came on live to pray and Billy hosted engagement throughout the day. 
    • Day 2: Billy hosted engagement throughout the day
    • Day 2 – 5 pm: Billy hosted closing ceremonies, the Hopkins family came on to thank people and talk about Peter. 
    • Participants could run their 5k anytime between Opening and Closing ceremonies and post their time on the event website. 

What we did throughout the event – The event consisted of two days of virtual hosting (Billy went on their Instagram story to promote/share about the event and encourage people to run), he interviewed representatives for Pound the Pavement, social media engagement (sharing posts they are tagged in, replying to people, liking anything tagged)

Cue the confetti!

Cue the confetti!

Event wins and stats, including:

    • Number of attendees: 600 attendees and sponsors 
    • Event impact: Over $147,000 pledged, all funds given to The Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorder, The Adaptive Learning Center, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta – Medically Complex Care Program 
    • Exciting moments – People from various cities were able to participate, which would not have happened if it had taken place in-person as usual. 


Client feedback: review + quote: 

“We have worked with Elevate several years for an event that we hold annually, and they are GREAT to work with – always elevate our event to the next level. . .  This year, they led the way in making the event virtual, and it was a HUGE success!”  Anne Park Hopkins, 5 star review on Google

03             See Who We’ve Served

See Who We’ve Served

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