RADCO Field Day

RADCO Field Day


01            Elevate + RADCO

Elevate + RADCO

Building Better Living

Building Better Living

Based in Atlanta, The RADCO Companies is an “opportunistic real estate investment company specializing in the acquisition and repositioning of multifamily assets.” Their team “navigates the ever-changing real estate environment and leverages their vertically integrated platform to identify market opportunities, optimize asset performance, and deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns to investors.”

About the Project

About the Project

RADCO has implemented a campaign entitled “Get your Thrive on” to encourage overall financial, physical, and mental well-being. For the physical well-being sector of this initiative, RADCO wanted to have a field day for their team to get outside, get moving, and have a lot of fun in the process. RADCO invited Elevate to plan, produce, and host RADCO’s Get your Thrive on.

Why Elevate?

Why Elevate?

RADCO hoped to produce a custom experience with the goal of leaving employees feeling energized, refreshed, and celebrated. They needed someone to come alongside to produce the high energy and moments of engagement of the event. RADCO felt confident in partnering with our team to meet these goals and ensure a fun, well produced experience.

A Closer Look at Elevate’s Role

A Closer Look at Elevate’s Role

closer look at Elevate’s role

Our Team consisted of:

    • 1 Project Leader/Event Host: led pre-event calls and meetings, helped plan and coordinate event details, and created high energy and intentional connection through moments of engagement, interactive activities, and crowd participation.
    • 1 Sound Technician/Deejay: worked with the Project Leader to plan a custom playlist that aligned with the client’s vision and deejayed the event.
    • 1 Event Assistant: worked with the Project Leader to keep score of games throughout event, assist in setup and breakdown, and care for team members and client throughout event
    • 1 Media Lead: Documented moments of engagement throughout the event and conducted testimony videos post-event

Prior to the event, the Elevate Project Leader worked alongside RADCO to:

  • Create a smooth event-day schedule to ensure all timing is properly spaced and the run of show is well executed 
  • Plan logistics for all moments of engagement
  • Create custom crowd engagement activations for a diverse group, such as:
    • Human wheel relay
    • Caterpillar relay
    • Human foosball
    • Foot races
    • Hula hoop competition

The Elevate Team also provided event-day logistics such as:

  • Following run of show to make sure the day stays on schedule
  • Welcoming guests and giving out high fives 
  • Providing high energy hosting to make sure guests are engaged and enjoying the event
  • Running audio during games, transitions, and dance parties


Elevate Team Members manage the energy and culture of the event.

Elevate’s goal at every event is to spread our client’s message and positively impact guests. At RADCO’s Get your Thrive on, we achieved this by facilitating a high energy and positive environment that encouraged overall health and wellness for the RADCO team. 

Our Team Members carried the energy and culture of the day by:

  • Creating custom crowd engagement activations 
  • Managing guest activities, such as King of Pops 
  • Creating and maintaining high energy through music, games, and dance parties
  • Providing emcee announcements throughout the day, keeping score of games, and encouraging healthy competition

    Cue the Confetti!

    Cue the Confetti!

    Event wins and stats, including:

    • 55 RADCO team members
    • 5 activations

    At Elevate we believe in investing in relationships, and we were honored to partner with RADCO as they made an investment in their team. 

    Through executing RADCO’s Thrive initiative encouraging overall health and wellness, we were able to create an engaging, out-of-the-box experience out of a classic field day experience. Get your Thrive on was not only an opportunity for RADCO’s team members to be physically active, but a chance to invest in each other, and we were happy to make that happen.

    “We really love working with Elevate, you guys just make it seem so easy to do anything, event-wise. They call the shots, they plan the event, they’re awesome and we are very grateful for them.” (Maya Clark, RADCO Communications & PR Associate)

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