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01            Elevate + WinShape Foundation

Elevate + WinShape Foundation

Uniting teams through large-scale conferences

Uniting teams through large-scale conferences

The WinShape Foundation is an organization whose aim is to develop individuals and strengthen relationships. In April 2017, the Elevate team planned and produced the WinShape Foundation’s annual conference, WinShape ONE.

WinShape One is a yearly gathering for all 260 foundation staff to align vision and mission, and learn from guest speakers. This conference took place for the first time in 2016, where Elevate had the privilege of playing a role in launching this first-ever gathering. In 2017, the WinShape team invited Elevate to plan and host the entire program.

02            About the project

About the project

Why Elevate?

Why Elevate?

Elevate’s level of involvement in the 2017 conference allowed WinShape’s team to fully participate and engage in the program, rather than being immersed in the planning and production of the event. Our goal was to lighten the load on the WinShape team, and inject fun and order into the conference program.

Based on previous year survey results, and through listening meetings and brainstorming sessions, Elevate’s involvement with the WinShape ONE Conference included:

  • Theme development and content roadmapping
    • Based on suggestions and comments from the WinShape team, we landed on a theme of ONE Legacy, and helped shape all content centered on that.
  • Speaker Coaching for main stage speakers
  • Emceeing and Emcee Coaching
    • Elevate co-hosted the event with a Foundation team member, and worked to coach and prepare both event hosts.
  • Planning logistics and selection for breakout sessions
    • Elevate sent a survey to all Foundation employees and from there, assigned their breakout. We also planned timing and locations, and assisted with speaker coaching for breakout teachers.
  • Hosting breakout sessions for timing and introductions
  • Acting as on-site coordinators for all external catering
  • Providing content and motivational speaking for a breakout session
  • Coordinating promotional item efforts
  • Coordinating all scheduling and logistics, including creating a custom schedule for each attendee based on their breakout selection
  • Assisting with graphics and printed collateral (signage, schedules, etc)
  • Hosting a Virtual Reality demonstration on-stage relevant to the event content
  • Hosting Virtual Reality demos for attendees during free time
  • Coordinating efforts with Feeding Children Everywhere for a Foundation-wide team-building event

Leaving guests feeling refreshed, united, and inspired

Leaving guests feeling refreshed, united, and inspired

The wins for the event included:

  • Smooth logistics, timing, and scheduling
  • Custom crowd engagement fit for this specific audience
  • Group-wide team building and growth exercises
  • Full production, allowing the WinShape team to fully enjoy the conference, hands-free of planning and coordination
  • Refreshing content and messaging
  • United team members, fully aligned in the organization’s vision and mission

It was a pleasure to work with this impactful organization, and we look forward to partnering together for the 2018 WinShape One Conference.

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See Who We’ve Served

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