Your New Year, Reimagined

Jan 16, 2019


Dreaming with our eyes wide open

In December of 2017, the story of PT Barnum took the world by storm through the musical phenomenon known as the Greatest Showman. With explosive songs, exciting dance numbers, and powerful themes, the film inspired viewers everywhere and emphasized the importance of imagination, self-acceptance, and shooting for the stars.

Before long, the film garnered a massive fanbase. Viewers resonated with its message, and it eventually became one of the most successful box office hits of all time. One of the most popular songs on the album, “This is Me,” even won a Golden Globe- and it’s a song we still blast in our office when it’s time for a dance party.

It’s no surprise that the film was a wild success. Even today, in 2019, it’s still a popular topic of conversation. Among all of the lessons the Greatest Showman taught us, there is one in particular that still resonates as we enter into the new year: reimagination.

re· imag· ine 

to imagine again or anew; especially: to form a new conception of, re-create

When the team behind the film realized the incredible impact of the movie and its soundtrack, they capitalized on the opportunity they had to extend the film’s reach and keep the excitement going for its fans. In November of 2018, The Greatest Showman: Reimagined was born. The album included all of the same songs we came to love, featuring today’s most popular voices in the music industry- which made for some awesome remixes.

Once again, the film and its soundtrack came alive, and we were talking about it all over again. Through revisiting and re-creating what was already a masterpiece, the team created something fresh, new, and exciting.


What The Greatest Showman teaches us about keeping it fresh in 2019

At Elevate, we have a core value called “Keep it Fresh,” which simply means that “we innovate and press into new experiences, always.” It’s easy to think that innovation requires starting over or creating something new from scratch–but, as the Greatest Showman taught us, that’s not always the case. In fact, some of the most incredible things in life are birthed from what already exists.

Trust us, we’re all about embracing the unknown and daring to go where no one has gone before. But, as you press into your new year, don’t feel as if you must come up with all-new incredible ideas, or completely get rid of who you were last year. Instead, ask yourself this:

  • How can I reimagine myself?
  • What old ideas can I breathe new life into?
  • What can I recreate?

At this moment, the rest of 2019 is unchartered territory. Don’t be afraid to step into something new, but don’t discount the ideas you may have left behind. Sometimes, going back to the drawing board can be the first step in your journey to reimagination and making something dormant come alive again.

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