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10 Quick Ways to Celebrate Your Team

In case you missed it, last month we shared about whether or not holiday parties really matter.  Spoiler Alert - As you might imagine, we definitely think holiday parties are...

In case you missed it, last month we shared about whether or not holiday parties really matter. 

Spoiler Alert - As you might imagine, we definitely think holiday parties are VALUABLE and beyond worth the investment, big or small. Click here to find out why for yourself!

Because we’re such big believers in the importance of celebrating with your team, we thought we’d give you 10 quick (and fairly simple) ways to celebrate your team. 


Well, we know that *especially* at the end of the year, things get crazy. Budgets are tapped, plans are made, and people are ready to rest and rejuvenate with their family and friends. 

Putting effort into planning a holiday celebration might feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be!

This blog is intended to be simple and straight to the point - because as you’ll discover in the points below, celebrating with your team can be as simple or complex as YOU want it to be. The options are endless, friends!

And the best part? It will likely be the best part of your Q4 AND kick your team morale into high gear heading into 2024. 

10 Quick Ways to Celebrate Your Team

  1. Provide a Meal. Ordering lunch in or heading to dinner as a group is sometimes highly underrated. Enjoying a meal together is one of the most powerful things you can do! Want to take this up a notch? Provide conversation starters/topics that create meaningful connections around the table.
  2. Serve Together. It’s no secret that there are a lot of opportunities to serve throughout the holiday season. Consider volunteering as a team at a local food bank or nursing home. Or keep it in-house by creating “care bags” that team members can keep in their car for when they see someone in need. *Care bags are bags filled with essentials like toothpaste, socks, chapstick, nonperishable snacks, etc.
  3. Throw a Party. Wanna go big this year!? DO IT! Whether you throw your shin-dig in the office or rent a special venue nearby, throwing a party is always a great idea. And hey, throwing a holiday party doesn’t mean you have to go that crazy. Music, dancing, food, games…the opportunities are endless! Pssst: this is our specialty! Click here to let us help.
  4. Give a Gift. So maybe you don’t have the time or energy to throw a party or gather as a team. That’s A-OK! You can still show your team members that you appreciate them by giving them a gift! Even something as seemingly small as a gift card to grab a coffee goes a long way in showing your appreciation. Technology has made this ridiculously easy with the accessibility to send electronic gift cards at the touch of a button. Another great gift idea? Company swag! A high-quality t-shirt, hat, tumbler…all great gifts (and great marketing, too)! 
  5. Invite the Family. Getting team members’ families involved is a remarkable way to enhance your company culture during the holiday season. From inviting family members to the office for a dinner or game night, to hosting a day at the park…there are plenty of options to get the whole family involved in the celebration! 
  6. Connect Virtually. In case you haven’t heard us talk about it yet, we proooommmise virtual events don’t have to be boring! Check out THIS video to prove it. Connecting virtually to celebrate the holidays with your team can look like sharing a meal together on Zoom, having a virtual holiday gameshow/party (another one of our specialties), or simply discussing specific topics (like what each person is grateful for, etc). It can be as low-key or as fancy as you’d like, and it’s a great budget-friendly way to celebrate. 
  7. Get Active. There are TONS of 5ks and other activity oriented events that happen throughout the holiday season. Find a local race (bonus points if supports an awesome charity), and invite members of your team to sign up and run/walk together! Or, offer to cover the registration fee for anyone who wants to participate. 
  8. Do an Awards Show. Remember highschool superlatives? How fun was that!? Being an adult doesn’t have to be boring - and awards shows are a unique way to both provide some humor and recognize specific efforts or achievements for your team members. Awards shows can also include games and/or serious moments of reflection. You guessed it, we can help with this one, too!
  9. Happy Hour it up. Is happy hour the best hour? We think yes! This one’s simple. Send out a company email or Slack message, and make plans to gather for happy hour at a local spot. First round on you!? Even better? 
  10. Put on a contest. Let’s be honest, we’ll never be too old for some good ol’ holiday fun. Consider putting on a company or team-wide contest and award the winner(s) with something special! Need a contest idea? Tacky sweaters, Christmas lights at home, funny dog costumes, the options are endless! The great news is that this can also all be done virtually by having team members submit photos of their entry. If you really want people to participate, make sure the prize is a good one!

We hope these ideas get your wheels turning for how YOU can celebrate the holidays with your team this year. However, the truth is, these are ALL ideas that can be put into action at any time of year! 

How are you celebrating with your team!? Let us know in the comments. 

And if you need help making your team members feel seen, valued, and appreciated, we’d be honored to help. Click here to drop us a line! 


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