Impacting the lives of students through content creation

Healthy families are at the heart of All Pro Dad, a nonprofit organization on a mission to help dads love and lead their family well and be a hero to their kids. As a brand experience agency, we’ve helped create remarkable experiences for All Pro Dad’s fathers and kids since 2012. Our team of event hosts partners alongside All Pro Dad to push forward their vision and positively grow their brand.


Expanding our partnership through leadership offerings

With All Pro Dad’s passion for empowering dads as leaders and Elevate’s heart for leadership development, out sparked a beautiful, new partnership in 2016. While we continued hosting events for this mission-focused organization, we entered into All Pro Dad’s school chapters as well. Our team of writers began developing curriculum for the monthly All Pro Dad & Kid Bashes. The curriculum helps equip fathers with resources needed to guide their kids through character building and growth.

We’re currently in our second year of partnering with All Pro Dad through content creation including script writing, video production, and content development for All Pro Dad’s 2017-2018 Dad & Kid Bashes.

Why Elevate?

As a brand experience agency, we partner alongside organizations to help spread their message and grow their audience. Our leadership offerings help brands develop leaders within their organization, as well as invest in their customers or audience. All Pro Dad invited our team to partner in a curriculum project with the goal of impacting their community of dads and kids.

Listening is the first step in our process, and we entered this project with the goal of fully understanding All Pro Dad’s vision. We then aimed to push their vision forward by developing content that would positively impact their audience and spread their unique message.

A successful year of character-based curriculum

The 2017-2018 curriculum pieces were a hit!All Pro Dad is using this content throughout 1200 schools nationwide.Each month, dads and kids meet to discuss a new character trait using the written pieces along with the corresponding activities. Each piece of content was specifically designed with the dads and kids in mind, meeting All Pro Dad’s goal of positively impacting families.

Our vision is to help people and organizations live and lead at a higher level, and it’s a true honor to work alongside brands that live out this very goal. We’re thankful to partner with All Pro Dad and help grow their brand by developing content that impacts their audience of dads and kids across the country.

Are you ready to invest in others through content, events, or team-building? Get in touch to learn how we can help you with your leadership development!


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