Providing resources and events for leaders to grow and develop.

Leadercast’s big win is creating “leaders worth following.”

Once a year, Leadercast hosts Leadercast Live, the world’s largest one day leadership event. More than 100,000 attendees attend the live conference at the Infinite Energy Arena in Duluth, Georgia, or watch from live stream locations all over the world. This year, attendees watched from more than 700 locations in 20 countries. Leadercast is an amazing organization making great efforts in developing leaders.


Expanding our partnership through leadership offerings

Elevate has had the opportunity to be a part of Leadercast for several years, and we were thrilled to be invited for another year. We partnered with the event production team, Orchestrate, to provide several activations. Elevate was brought on to bring energy, enthusiasm, and genuine connection.

Orchestrate and Leadercast knew that Elevate could provide a great experience through two of our core values: enthusiasm and relationships. For us, enthusiasm isn’t cheesy. It’s professional joy. It means that when we give high fives, we mean it. We operate out of our core strategies by putting others first and making the client the hero. While we got the opportunity to represent our brand at this event, we were also excited to welcome people into the Leadercast journey and champion their brand.

We were thrilled to live out another one of our other core values, relationships, at the event as well. We know that genuine connection is part of the heart of every event experience. When energy, community, and connection collide, attendees, leaders, and event staff walk away feeling like they experienced something, not just attended something.

What We Do

Concierge Service

  • Attendees at Leadercast Live have the opportunity to purchase an upgraded ticket called the Executive Experience. These attendees are given upgraded seats on the floor of the arena, access to an executive lounge, catered breakfast, catered lunch with a guest speaker, a special gift bag, and a concierge service, which was provided by Elevate.
  • We greeted attendees with a smile, helped them find their assigned seats, and stayed flexible to create the best attendee experience. We were equipped to answer questions and initiate solutions.
  • A team member was stationed at a help desk where attendees could text in their needs or questions and we would help to meet their needs.
  • Our team made sure that attendees were directed where they needed to go and provided smiles and attentiveness to ensure an excellent experience.
  • Throughout the day, there were needs that arose from the production team. We were also able to assist with those needs, working behind the scenes to create a great experience.

First Impression Emceeing

  • An Elevate team member was stationed at the front of the arena and greeted guests as they entered, welcoming everyone into the experience and providing necessary information like where to get coffee or donuts. By greeting attendees as they arrived, we helped to create a welcoming atmosphere. Our presence created a fun environment for the rest of the day.
  • The team member was provided with key points to mention as guests entered the event. Greeting with enthusiasm and high fives, the welcoming team member used Leadercast’s brand language to help people enter into a challenging and encouraging experience.
  • We also created a curated playlist of fun, upbeat music to make the early morning more exciting.
  • As the day progressed, a need arose to announce other things about the conference. We were able to stay nimble and provide another world-class emcee to make those announcements.

Live Hosting

  • Before the live stream began, our very own Billy Boughey hosted the morning and welcomed all 2,500 Live in Atlanta attendees to Leadercast
  • Billy welcomed everyone to the event and led the crowd through several activities that had the attendees on their feet, smiling, and engaging with the people around them.
  • One of the activations called Greet Like a Stranger, Greet Like a Friend, got the whole crowd engaged. Billy set up the energy for the rest of the day, used his time well, and set the stage for the other speakers.

Big Wins

Our team was flexible and nimble in creating an environment that encouraged genuine connection. One of the speakers told Billy about his emceeing,  “When I saw that you were on stage, I took a deep breath because I knew that the crowd was going to be more engaged during my talk.”

We love getting to honor other brands and serve them well. Let us bring our best to your next event or activation.

Our vision is to help people and organizations live and lead at a higher level, and it’s a true honor to work alongside brands that live out this very goal. 

Are you ready to invest in others through content development and delivery, leadership, or events? Get in touch to learn how we can help you with your next activation!


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