Facilitating brand awareness through family-oriented activations

Every year, children aged 10-12 compete in a worldwide baseball tournament called the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. For about two weeks, thousands of fans flood the city to watch their favorite teams compete for the championship.

About the Project

The Welcome Dinner & Dugout Dance Booth

In an effort to introduce their brand to a new market, an Atlanta-based restaurant chain joined forces with the 2018 Little League World Series to provide two engaging activations: the Welcome Dinner and the Dugout Dance Booth. At the Welcome Dinner, all 16 teams from around the world came together to eat and form friendships. At the Dugout Dance Booth, families got the opportunity over the course of 7 days to come into a dugout-themed booth, pick a song from the list, and dance with the restaurant’s mascot for about 30-60 seconds. At the end of the song, the groups got to pose for a photo, and they also received a high-quality video of their time dancing in the booth.

Why Elevate?

The end goal for this restaurant chain was twofold: they wanted to promote their brand to a wider audience as well as demonstrate how much they value family and community. Elevate has partnered with this company for years to provide engaging, high-energy experiences for all ages, and this event was no exception.

For this event, the restaurant chain brought Elevate in to host both of these activations and act as a megaphone for their brand.

Our team consisted of:

  • 1 Project Lead
  • 4 Event Hosts
  • 2 Event Assistants

Prior to the event, the Elevate Project Lead worked alongside our restaurant chain client and the Little League World Series to:

  • Create custom crowd engagement activations to involve people of all ages. Examples of this included:
  • High Five Challenge
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Head Light, Tail Light
  • Dance Off
  • Confirm smooth schedule, timing & run of show
  • Develop custom playlists that cater to an international audience
  • Providing sound equipment

On event days, Elevate was responsible for behind-the-scenes logistics including:

  • Managing the agenda and timing of the Welcome Dinner
  • Running audio during games, transitions, and throughout the dance booth
  • Setting up sound equipment, including speakers, microphones, and sound boards
  • Queuing up the playlists


Throughout the event, our event hosts created an engaging, energetic environment by:

  • Welcoming guests
  • Guiding and directing guests within the dance booth
  • Encouraging teamwork and authentic connection among guests and players
  • Managing guest activities and movement
  • Emceeing announcements
  • Creating and maintaining high energy and crowd engagement through music, games, and event hosting

Leaving guests feeling refreshed, united, and inspired

By the end of an eventful 2 weeks, we witnessed 16 teams arrive at a welcome dinner as strangers and leave as friends, and we were a part of memory-making moments for thousands of families from around the globe that came and danced through our dugout. Our restaurant chain partners felt cared for and empowered, and they are confident that Williamsport, Pennsylvania received the best first look at their incredible brand.

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