Celebrating, supporting, and leading through events

Preferred Apartment Communities (PAC) has been growing at a rapid rate the last few years and Elevate has had the opportunity to partner with PAC a few times throughout those years. PAC owns apartment communities around the country. They have events that include their home office team, individual apartment communities, and all people employed by PAC. They enjoy having fun and wanted to bring Elevate in to raise their events to the next level. Elevate has been able to celebrate, support, and lead PAC through their events.


Why Elevate?

Live with PAC is an event to help kick off the fiscal year and give updates for team members and managers around the country. This was Elevate’s third time partnering with PAC to produce and host this event. The event spanned across 100 corporate office staff and was live-streamed to all their apartment communities across the country.

One of the main goals was to make everyone watching feel like they were in the room. We focused on the people in the room first before the live stream started by getting people excited. This helped to set the tone for all the team members watching across the country. We had an Elevate team member in charge of an online chat feature, which allowed the team members who were not in the room to text in and ask questions.

Elevate was able to be the lighthouse during the event by taking control and making decisions at certain times. A few ways we did this was through creating the run of show, picking the right times for crowd interaction, and music curation. We suggested the atmosphere of this meeting be a conversation with the whole company. We helped guide PAC to change this from years past, where it was one person delivering the majority of the updates. The quality of the event changed from year one to year two through the client listening to simple suggestions we made from our experience audit the year before.

Our team consisted of:

  • 4 Elevate team members
  • 4 team members from an Elevate production partner
  • 8 team members from PAC (team in charge of the event at PAC)

On event day, Elevate was responsible for behind-the-scenes logistics including:

  • Checking technology equipment to ensure smooth live-streaming
  • Getting PAC team members settled and comfortable prior to the live-stream 

Throughout the event, our event hosts created an engaging, energetic environment by:

  • Creating unique moments of engagement, tailored to the client, including:
  • Playing the favorite song of a board member
  • Impromptu dance parties

Leaving guests feeling refreshed, united, and inspired

The wins for the event included:

100 people attended in person, including the home office staff and the Board of Directors.

This event was an opportunity to hear real-time numbers and the current condition of PAC for the entire company. Typically these updates are only shared with the home office and would be later sent to properties across the country. This event created a sense of community among team members across the country through the use of the live-stream technology.

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