Celebrating Hard Work

Elevate has been partnering with RAM Partners since 2014 to run their annual company awards and training conference.

The RAMMYs is the annual awards ceremony to celebrate high performing team members in various categories from the year before. We typically have this event in-person, but this year it was done virtually. We filmed and edited the awards portion into a single video, and hosted a 15-minute live stream kickoff to the RAMMYs video release.


Why Elevate

Elevate’s role:

  • Why the client picked us – They wanted us to create a high-quality awards ceremony via video. They wanted our energy from a hosting perspective, coaching of all RAM staff that would present awards, and a high-quality product produced.

An overview of what we brought to the event:

  • We brought technical expertise, filming/editing, high energy hosting, coaching for all presenters, and logistics management of the slide deck/order of events on film day.

Let’s create a remarkable experience!

closer look at Elevate’s role 

Our team consisted of: 

  • 1 Videographer: filmed / edited high-quality content for the virtual event.
  • 1 Host: created high energy and intentional connection, interactive activities, digital participation
  • 1 Project Lead: led pre-event calls and meetings, helped plan and coordinate event details
  • 1 Event Assistant: made notes of edits / takes for the videographer
  • 1 Presentation Coach: gave advice on how to communicate effectively and confidently on video

Pre-event tasks:

  • Managed the order of slides / content (coordinated all specifics of the PowerPoint)
  • Coordinated all dates and logistics (of film day & live stream)
  • Created agenda for film day
  • Led pre-event calls
  • Technical prep / management (of our studio and equipment)
  • Had a practice / test time with the team running the live stream
  • Prepped Elevate team with roles and action steps
  • Created virtual game experience for live stream   

Event-day logistics: We technically had two event days – film day and video release / live hosting day. 

Film day: 

  • Went over the film agenda
  • Coached / filmed five presenters
  • Filmed Billy’s final solo hosting moments

Live stream / video release day:

  • Final prep call between Katie / Billy about order of events
  • Led a test with Billy and team leading live stream
  • Live stream hosting and virtual crowd engagement
  • Transition to the RAMMYs 2019 video release

Cue the confetti!

Event wins and stats, including:

  • Number of attendees: 776 views on the Youtube video 
  • Number of activations: none in the video, 1 on the live stream 
  • Event impact: staff felt celebratedhigher buy-in from them to RAM Partners

Exciting moments: It was a new experience for us to create a video and live stream its release. It was a new challenge and fun to see another way a virtual event can happen. We successfully transformed an in-person awards ceremony into a meaningful, celebratory, and high-quality virtual experience that engaged staff in various states! 

Client feedback: “We want to thank you, for an amazing production of the RAMMY Awards. WOW. It was fantastic from start to finish. The engagement from the teams was an all-time high and the content was crystal clear. You did us proud.” – Michael Wise, Director of Training 


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