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“If service is beneath you, then leading is beyond you.” This was the vision statement behind the 2018 Shelby County Leadership Summit.

Every year, faculty from the Shelby County Public School system host a leadership summit for hundreds of the county’s most promising high school student leaders. During this summit, students spend a day hearing from keynote speakers, participating in team-building activities, and learning principles that are essential to their leadership development.


Why Elevate?

Unifying a large group of high school students for a day of learning can be challenging, and the client wanted to create an environment that was engaging, exciting, and impactful for the students. For the past few years, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with Shelby County to assist in planning and hosting the event.

With the client’s vision in mind, we worked together to ideate intentional group activities, plan discussion questions for table talks, connect with keynote speakers, and create meaningful moments of engagement for the students.

Our team consisted of:

  • 1 Project Lead
  • 1 Event Host
  • 2 Event Assistants
  • Event Assistant roles included media, time-keeping, greeting, AV, and DJ

Prior to the event, the Elevate Project Lead worked alongside Shelby County to:

  • Coordinate all schedule and logistics, including the booking of all keynote speakers
  • Create custom games, activations, and moments of engagement, which included:
  • Greet Like a Stranger, Greet Like a Friend
  • Left or Right
  • Song Scramble
  • Just Dance
  • Table Talks
  • Plan discussion questions to reinforce leadership principles
  • Develop a detailed event agenda and run-of-show
  • Curate custom playlists to create an engaging environment throughout the day

On event day, Elevate was responsible for behind-the-scenes logistics including:

  • Managing the agenda and timing of the event
  • Running audio during games, transitions, and throughout the event
  • Stage management
  • Syncing up with AV and troubleshooting

Our team carried the energy and culture of the day by:

  • Welcoming students as they arrived
  • Creating and maintaining crowd engagement through music, activities, and event hosting
  • Assisting with team-building activities and keeping the momentum throughout the day
  • Guiding and directing students throughout the event
  • Introducing the speakers, comprising of:
  • Lewis Brooks
  • Kevin Scott
  • John Milton
  • Jackie Staley
  • Facilitating guest activities and movement
  • Emceeing announcements

Cue the confetti!

This year’s Shelby County Leadership Summit proved to be both intentional and impactful as students learned about how to become service leaders. This jam-packed day consisted of over 250 students, 7 engaging team-building activities, and countless opportunities to hone in on important leadership skills while connecting with other students from across the state.

It’s never too early to become an influential leader. At this year’s leadership summit, students experienced a meaningful event that combined the excitement of big group activities with the intentionality of focused keynotes and content. We’re thankful for this partnership and we look forward to helping students grow in their leadership abilities for years to come.

Are you ready to create a remarkable experience? Get in touch to learn how we can help you with your next event!


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