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“Home is a special place. Not just a roof over our head, but a safe, secure, loving environment shared with those we care about most. It might be easy to take this concept for granted, but there are thousands of children and young adults in the foster care system of Georgia who don’t know what a stable home feels like. As an agency of The United Methodist Church in North Georgia, Wellroot Family Services’ programs, Foster Care, Transitional and Independent Living and Family Housing, were designed to change this reality through faith-centered service. With a focus on supporting youth from infancy through early adulthood, we help people reach their God-given potential through the encouragement and love of a healthy home.”

Wellroot Family Services Virtual 5k

This event was the first-ever social distancing 5K. Participants signed up online and received a t-shirt. On the day of the event, a live opening and closing ceremony were hosted on Facebook and Instagram. The participants mapped out their 5K run and then tracked it through an app. They uploaded their race map and time to social media before the closing ceremonies.


Let’s create a remarkable experience!

closer look at Elevate’s role 

Team members:

  • 1 event host: Smoothly transitioned through each element of the opening and closing ceremonies, engaged customers through interactive activities like dance parties, and encouraged high energy participation among attendees.

Pre-event tasks: This event was planned and executed in 13 days. We helped the client create a strategy for social media and when to go live on different platforms.

Cue the confetti!

Event wins and stats, including:

  • Runners from 18 states.
  • Posts on social media and live stories reached over 6,500 people.

Wellroot Family Services gained more likes and followers on social media. This event left the staff encouraged and refreshed. They were able to raise thousands of dollars for their company.


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