Teaching kids that they belong and matter for who they are, not how they perform. An event not only to inspire but to initiate positive and impactful change.

The Nashville Coaching Coalition is an organization whose aim is to transform the athletic culture by developing and supporting full-hearted coaches through professional development and support opportunities.They strongly believe in the power that athletics can have on kids’ lives and use this platform as an opportunity to help young people be mentally and emotionally prepared for life.

About the project

The Coach Forum is a yearly gathering for any high school or college coach wanting the opportunity to grow and positively influence the lives of their players and communities. During this one day event, coaches have the opportunity to learn from highly respected coaches, former athletes, and sports professionals from around the country that are innovatively leading their athletes, improving their communities, and building thriving programs. Elevate had the privilege of working alongside the Coaching Coalition in 2018 and again July 2019 for the one day event by helping plan and execute the forum. 

Why Elevate?

Elevate was introduced early in the planning process for the Coach Forum in 2018 and 2019. The main goal from the client was for each year to be the most engaging and inspiring yet. With this in mind, we worked with the Coaching Coalition Team to design and plan a remarkable day. Not only did we assist the team in the pre-event work, but also in the event day execution, hosting, and production. A more detailed look at our involvement with the coaching coalition included: 


  • Designing a run of show
  • Designing a custom keynote for the day 
  • Customizing games/activities for the program of the day 
  • Setting up and assisting with all production elements: sound equipment, lighting, visuals, music 
  • Hosting/emceeing 
  • Stage managing event day 
  • Show caller for event day (lead production crew) 
  • DJ 
  • Speaker handling 
  • Managing volunteers on event day 

With many intentional phone calls, in person meetings, and brainstorm sessions, we were able to capture the heart and mission of our clients and their event which allowed us to design and produce an unforgettable, engaging, and inspiring event.

Leaving guests feeling inspired, energized, and refreshed

Each event day brought over 400 middle, high school and college coaches representing over 150 organizations/schools who were all able to participate and engage in a day full of meaningful content and activities. Combining a day filled with intentional games, a wide variety of inspirational speakers, and high quality production allowed our attendees to fully dive in and connect, which left The Coach Forum Team raving.

“It’s official, we can’t do anything in the future without Elevate!” -Krissie Self, Director of Operations 

“There’s no way we could have done this without the Elevate team. We love the people and heart of the organization. I felt so supported in the partnership.” -Scott Hearon, Executive Director 

We are honored to work and continue working with The Nashville Coaching Coalition. Walking alongside a team and helping them achieve their hopes and dreams for an event is why we do what we do. 


Want to add intentionality and more engagement to your next event but don’t know how? Reach out to us for a consult and we would be happy to partner alongside you to help bring your event to life!


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