The Open Road

Elevate has partnered with Scheduling Institute for the past year on a wide range of events. This was not the first time being a part of this event for students, however, it was the first time virtually. This is an annual event for middle, high school, and young adults, ages 12-24 years. These students are the children of clients at Scheduling Institute, designed to help guide and teach them life principles to begin to work toward from a young age. This year’s theme was The Open Road, focused on how to prepare for the road ahead. Sessions included beginning the journey with the end in mind, knowing yourself and what you need for the journey, choosing the right passengers, landmarks along the way, enjoying the scenery, and celebrating the end of the journey before moving on to the next.

Why Elevate?

The Scheduling Institute team needed help brainstorming theme and content ideas, and hosting/engaging participants through a virtual event. Once a theme was chosen, we worked alongside the SI team to plan out session-by-session content, activities, a workbook for the students to use throughout the conference, and engagement with students for the 2-day event. We brought helpful content and engaging speakers, high-energy hosting, engaging activities, interactive games &  DJing, along with run of show and logistics management.

Let’s create a remarkable experience!

Acloser lookat Elevate’s role 

Team members:
1 Project Lead: Led pre-event calls and meetings, helped plan and coordinate event details, speakers, content, Run-of-Show, slides, and more.
1 Event Host: Created a high-energy environment alongside engagement with students through games and giveaways, led reflection times and activities, directed students on events throughout the day
1 DJ: Interacted with students through chat and on Zoom, took song requests, made the environment fun, open, engaging
3 Speakers: Each speaker engaged students throughout their talk, and brought helpful applicable life lessons to students. Topics included: Relationships, Time Management, Knowing Yourself, Staying Present, and more. 
1 Event Assistant: Communicated day-of details between the Elevate & SI teams, kept track of engagement and giveaways, took pictures and videos for Elevate & SI teams.

Pre-event tasks:
• Coordinated logistics for Zoom call, speakers, host, SI facilitators, and SI team
• Brainstormed and managed content
• Helped create Open Road student workbook
• Created Run of Show for event days
• Created slide deck order and content
• Prepped content and questions for games, engagement, and breakout rooms throughout the event
• Led a facilitator training for Breakout Room leaders
• Prepped Elevate team with tasks and responsibilities
• Had a Run-Through of event day before the event began

Event-day logistics (Run-Through Day):
• Walked through the Run of Show with the SI team
• Set up within their studio, practiced and walked through slides, transitions, and event content

Cue the confetti!

Event wins and stats, including:

  • Number of attendees: Around 70 students
  • Number of activations: 10
  • Event impact
  • Exciting moments 

This event was greatly impactful for our team, the SI team, and most importantly, the students that attended it. The virtual transition of this event was a tremendous success. Students joined in across the United States to be a part of this event. They enjoyed learning new content live, and they also received a workbook with tangible takeaways from this 2-Day event. 


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